Recreational Pilots Permit

This permit is designed for the pleasure of flying as a hobby or as a stepping-stone for individuals to the Private license and beyond. It gives you a chance to save over thousands of dollars while still holding some of the privileges of a private pilot.

Course Overview


  • Solo at 14 years of age
  • License at 16 years of age
  • Fly a single-engine land or seaplane
  • Fly anywhere in Canada daytime


  • No night flying
  • 1 passenger only
  • No flying outside of Canada


  • 25 hours flying time
  • 40 hours ground school (recommended)
  • Flight test
  • Recreational pilot written exam

Reference Materials

  • Pultz Private Manual
  • From the Ground UP

Average Costs

Cessna 172

Description Cost/hr Cost
20 hours Dual Instruction
5 hours Solo
5 hours solo supervision
Ground School
Book Kit
Administration Fee

*Please note: All prices are in Canadian Dollars and quoted for Domestic Students. International Students should contact Sky Wings Aviation Academy Ltd. for an individual price quote.*

*NOTE: Ground Briefing will be charged at $60.00/hr, Medical cost is approximately $150.00, Flight test cost is approximately $500.00, Written Exam is approximately $200.00.*

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