"Ahead of the Leading Edge"

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"Ahead of the Leading Edge"

Call to Book Your Introductory Flight Today!

Recreational Pilot Permit

This permit is designed for the pleasure of flying as a hobby or as a stepping-stone for individuals to the Private license and beyond. It gives you a chance to save over thousands of dollars while still holding some of the privileges of a private pilot.

Course Overview


  • Solo at 14 years of age
  • License at 16 years of age
  • Fly a single-engine land or seaplane
  • Fly anywhere in Canada daytime


  • No night flying
  • 1 passenger only
  • No flying outside of Canada


  • 25 hours flying time
  • 40 hours ground school (recommended)
  • Flight test
  • Recreational pilot written exam

Reference Materials

  • Pultz Private Manual
  • From the Ground UP

Average Costs

Cessna 172

Description Cost/hr Cost
20 hours Dual Instruction
5 hours Solo
5 hours solo supervision
Ground School
Book Kit
Administration Fee

*Please note: All prices are in Canadian Dollars and quoted for Domestic Students. International Students should contact Sky Wings Aviation Academy Ltd. for an individual price quote.*

*NOTE: Ground Briefing will be charged at $60.00/hr, Medical cost is approximately $150.00, Flight test cost is approximately $500.00, Written Exam is approximately $200.00.*

How do I pay for Training at Sky Wings?

We have a pay as you go model. Each time you fly you would pay for that session. Ground school fees are paid on the first day of classes and cover the listed subjects on the schedule. Books are also available for purchase for the specific course that you are taking.

Training times and individual ground briefing may vary for everyone. For this reason, it is not possible to forecast an exact cost for the course. Flight training and ground school are tax deductible, provided that the individual is contemplating a career in aviation. Price is subject to change without notice.

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