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Private Pilot License


Age Requirements: 

  • Minimum age for Student Pilot Permit - 14 Years
  • Minimum age for Private Pilot License- 17 Years


Medical Requirements:

  • Candidate must pass a medical exam conducted by a Transport Canada Designated
  • An electrocardiogram is required if the candidate is 40 years or older.


License Requirements:

  • Minimum Transport Canada Average Program
  • 17 hours dual instruction 25 hours dual instruction
  • 12 hours solo practice 20 hours solo practice
  • 45 hours total flight time 45 hours total flight time
  • 40 hours ground school 40 hours ground school

Knowledge & experience

Candidate must pass a written exam as well as a flight test. There are no minimum educational requirements and all course material is well laid out and easy to understand.


Students enrolled in or full time program will require approx. 6 weeks for completion. Those wishing to train on a part time basis can expect to take 3 or 4 months to complete the course. Training can be conveniently scheduled around your personal schedule.

Ground school commences the second week of each month and is held on Tuesday/Thursday evenings & Saturdays. For specific dates, please call our office.

We also have a one on one program to suit individuals with a unique schedule who cannot follow the class schedule of our regular program. Please call our office and speak to an instructor for a quote.

Extensive ground training and numerous proficiency exams will ensure that the student is thoroughly prepared for the written exam.

Following is the ground school schedule. This schedule is subject to change, but course content will remain the same.

Our summer PPL Ground School follows a compressed schedule. Please contact our office for more details.

WEEK 1 (Tues, Thurs, Sat) 

  • Theory of Flight 1 Theory of Flight 2 Meteorology 1
  • Air Law 1 Air Law 2 Eng. and Airframes
  • Eng. and Airframes
  • Communications


  • Weight & Balance Meteorology 2 Meteorology 4
  • Performance Charts Meteorology 3 Meteorology 5
  • Instruments
  • Human Factors


  • Canada Flight Supplement Radio Navigation Navigation2
  • E6B Flight Computer Navigation 1 Navigation3
  • Flight Operations
  • Pilot Decision Making


Average Costs & Fees


Description: C-172

Description Cost /hr Cost
27 Hours dual instruction $214.00/hr $5,778.00
15 Hours solo practice $154.00/hr $2,310.00
5 Hours Ground Briefing $50.00/hr $250.00
5 Hours Exam Review $50.00/hr $250.00
3 Hours Simulator $160.00/hr $480.00
Ground school    $350.00
Book Kit   $350.00
Administration Fee   $100.00
    GST $515.90
Total   $10,833.90


Please note: all prices are in Canadian Dollars and quoted for Domestic Students. International Students should contact Sky Wings Aviation Academy Ltd. for an individual price quote.


The rental rates are wet rate which includes fuel cost.

Training times and individual ground briefing may vary for each individual. For this reason it is not possible to forecast an exact cost for the course. Flight training and ground school are tax deductible, provided that the individual is contemplating a career in aviation. Price is subject to change without notice.

*Licensing, medical, written exam and flight test fees are not included and subject to change. For budgeting purposes, we estimate that you will need approximately $500.00 to cover these costs.  Written exams for the PPL can be done on Examination Computers at the Sky Wings Aviation Red Deer location.