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Instructor Rating


The airlines and the military are starting to realize what we knew all along; the value of a pilot with experience working as a flight instructor is beyond measure.

Average Course Cost

Description C172

Description Cost /hr Cost
25 hours aircraft $214.00/hr $5,350.00
5 hours simulator $160.00/hr $800.00
Ground School   $2,500.00
Book Kit   $104.90
  GST $437.75
  TOTAL $9,192.65

Please note: all prices are in Canadian Dollars and quoted for Domestic Students. International Students should contact Sky Wings Aviation Academy Ltd. for an individual price quote.

The rental rates are wet rate which includes fuel cost.

* 3 Hours simulator may be used which would reduce total by approximately $250.00 in a C-172.

**Licensing and test fees are not included, and are subject to change. For budgeting, we estimate that you will need approximately $350.00.