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"Ahead of the Leading Edge"

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Commercial Pilot License

Course Overview


  • Private Pilot License
  • Category 1 Medical
  • Acceptance of enrolment

License Requirements:

  • 18 years of age
  • 80 G/S
  • 200 hours total time
  • 100 hours pilot in command time
  • 20 Hours cross country experience
  • 20 Hours instrument training
  • Night rating endorsement
  • Written exam
  • Flight test
  • Mtn flying experience can be included in dual tg

Course Outline

80 hours of ground school

  • (times are arranged for the convenience of student enrolled)

35 Hours dual

  • 20 Instrument
  • 10 hours may be simulator
  • 10 hours general dual (13 if simulator used)
  • 5 hours night

30 hours solo

  • 5 hours night
  • 25 hours skill enhancement either day or night

Reference Materials

  • Pultz commercial Manual
  • Flying Beyond
  • From The Ground UP

Average Course Costs

Cessna 172

Description Cost/hr Cost
25 hours Dual Instruction
30 hours Solo
10 hours Simulator
5 hours Briefing
Ground School
Administration Fee

The rental rates are wet rates which include the fuel cost.

*Licensing, written exam and flight test fees are not included and subject to change. For budgeting purposes, we estimate that you will need approximately $700.00 to cover these costs.*

How do I pay for Training at Sky Wings?

We have a pay as you go model. Each time you fly you would pay for that session. Ground school fees are paid on the first day of classes and cover the listed subjects on the schedule. Books are also available for purchase for the specific course that you are taking.

Training times and individual ground briefing may vary for everyone. For this reason, it is not possible to forecast an exact cost for the course. Flight training and ground school are tax deductible, provided that the individual is contemplating a career in aviation. Price is subject to change without notice.

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