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  Night Rating

The night endorsement provides a new dimension to your flying by introducing some of the basic techniques involved in instrument flying. As well as flying during the best time of day…after dark. This advancement of your pilot skills will enable you to extend your flights, and fly in a beautiful relaxing atmosphere.


airplane&Private Pilot License
(includes 5 hours instrument)
Course Outline: airplane  10 Hours dual instrument training
  bullet5 hours may be in sim
  airplane  10 hours night
  bullet5 hours Dual
  bullet5 hours solo

   Average Course Cost:

  3 Hours dual circuits
  5 Hours solo circuits
  2 Hours dual cross-country
  3 Hours Flight Instruments
  2 Hours flight simulator
  Administration Fee  

Please note: all prices are in Canadian Dollars and quoted for Domestic Students. International Students should contact Sky Wings Aviation Academy Ltd. for an individual price quote.

The rental rates are wet rate which includes fuel cost.

NOTE: It is possible to arrange to complete the night endorsement on the commercial course

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