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Sky Wings Aviation Academy is an Alberta Corporation whose majority shareholders are Albertans. The company’s philosophy is to advance the interest of Canadians in aviation while simultaneously providing jobs in the various fields in aviation.

Sky Wings Aviation operates nine Cessna 172’s, one Twin Piper Seneca, and a Piper Navajo. Ground training is conducted in large and well-equipped classrooms with multimedia presentations. Instrument and Multi-engine preparatory training is provided on a Flight Simulator ALSIM200.

Sky Wings Aviation works out of both the Red Deer Airport and the Okotoks Airport. Here is some additional information about Sky Wings:


     Sky Wings' chief operating personnel are:

airplane CEO – Dennis Cooper

airplane Chief Flight Instructor – Sherry Cooper

airplane Chief Pilot – Steward Van Male

     General Information

Sky Wings is in operation at two different locations: Ofne at the Red Deer Regional Airport and one at Okotoks Airport. Sky Wings has been open at SE corner of the Red Deer Regional Airport since 1982. Located halfway between major cities of Calgary and Edmonton, it provides flight instruction, charters, maintenance, fuel sales and storage services.

Sky Wings Aviation Academy Ltd. expanded and opened a new facility at Okotoks Air Ranch, becoming the airport operator, plus providing the same services as the Red Deer operation. Sky Wings' students can expect a wide variety of flying conditions during their training.

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    Accomplishments of the Academy:
sky Wings Students Our Private Pilot students have successfully obtained their licenses with an average of 50 hours total flight time in comparison to the national average of 72 hours.

First privately funded Aviation Diploma Program in Canada.

First to establish an Aviation Space Camp in Canada that is recognized by the Boards of Education across Canada.

We use Transport Canada approved electronic pilot training records..

    Staff & Ground School:

We have been in the flight training business for over twenty-five years. Our professional staff of 8 instructors has amassed more than 25,000 hours instructing single engine, multi engine, and I.F.R. flying. They are also well qualified to teach the ground portions of the courses.

Ground training is conducted in large and well-equipped classrooms with multimedia presentations. Instrument and Multi-engine preparatory training is provided on an ATC 810 Flight Simulator and an Elite FTD.

Ground School is offered on a one on one basis or in a class setting. The ground school that is offered in a class setting is held the second week of every month on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings as well as on Saturdays. The one on one portion will be determined by both personal and instructor availability. Once you have paid for the ground school portion, you may continue to sit in on all classes free of charge. At Sky Wings we believe that being a pilot is more than just getting a license, so we also offer survival training, cross country trips (in aircraft) crossing Canadian/US borders, as well as mountain flying in our curriculum.

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Because of our training experience, integrated programs, and dedicated staff, your flight training will be second to none! Our students average 82% on Transport Canada written exams. and our average training times for private students at 50 hrs. says it all!


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